Re: HTML code for correct HTML pages is incorrect

"Henk-Jan.van.Tuyl" wrote:
> Hello,
> When my webpage was "checked and found to be valid HTML 4.01 Transitional", I
> added the following lines to my page, using copy & paste, as advised by the "Validation results" page:
>     <p>
>       <a href=""><img border="0"
>           src=""
>           alt="Valid HTML 4.01!" height="31" width="88"></a>
>     </p>
> This doesn't work (of course I tested this with "referer" replaced with the address of my page;after some experimenting it appeared that the href should be:
> Many people will also appreciate some explanation about replacing <referer> with the page's address.

But "referer" isn't a metanotion, and is therefore not intended to be replaced;
it is a literal, which should be replicated as-is.

Philip Taylor, RHBNC

Received on Thursday, 28 August 2003 11:28:27 UTC