RE: HTML Form Validates for XHTML 1.0 but W3C icon reference click does not

I tried changing both of the links as you stated below.    The one that did
not work still did not work and the one that was working quit working.
However since I was using the same browser to view both pages I tried using
Netscape and it did work for both pages on Netscape.     I then tried the
same navigation sequence using IE and it worked on both pages there too.
This appears to be a navigation bug in IE, as depending on how I traverse to
the web page with the W3C icon the one message vs. the other message pops
up.    I think you may have been on to something when you stated it was the
browser, so I cleared out my cache and it still behaves the same way.

Oh well maybe when I get some more free time I can look into this further.

Thanks, Ron

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click does not

* ronaldjbich wrote:
>Since both pages come back as valid I put the display icons in both pages
>and when I click on the display icon in the non-form HTML it takes me to
>MarkUp Validation Service and states "This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0
>Transitional!"   However when I click on the display icon for the form HTML
>it takes me to the MarkUp Validation Service and states "Sorry, this type
>URI scheme (undefined) is not supported by this service. Please check that
>you entered the URI correctly." depends on your browser sending a
'Referer' HTTP header, if your browser does not send such a header, you
will get the (unhelpful) message above. Try changing the link to

(where is your web site).

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