[x]html head parsing bug in validator


I have prepared two test documents to present, what I think is a bug in the 
online HTML validator. Let's say we have a HTML 4.01 document, but would like 
to be close to XHTML and use <img ... /> <br /> and the like. This is the 
case in my two examples.

First: if I try to use such constructs in the head, such as <link ... /> then 
the validator thinks I am closing the head element, which seems quite buggy. 
Following on this, I have checked the HTML 4.01 spec and truly it says, that 
<link> ending tags are forbidden. But anyway, the validator should not think 
that the <head> is closed...

Second: After my finding that <link> ending tag is forbidden, I decided to try 
a <br /> in a body of a normal document. It works, and the validator does not 
think I am closing the body tag (while <br> ending tags are also forbidden).

So after all it seems the validator does not seem to be too strict about 
closing tags which should not be closed, but it has a bug in the <head> 

Please include my as a recepient in any responses, I am not on the list. And 
please fix in case it is a bug in the validator :)

Have a nice weekend,
Gabor Hojtsy

Received on Saturday, 26 April 2003 12:13:56 UTC