Re: I think I've found a file that fails & shouldn't

ok - thank you

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> David Thielen <> wrote:
> >There is a <p> ... tons of elements ... </p> but they are balanced.
> As an alternate way of stating what others have allready said:
> <p> elements are not allowed to nest so that when the Validator (or a
> browser) sees an opening "<p>" tag it will automatically close (insert
> "</p>") any <p> element that is open at that point.
> <p>    <!-- Opens first P element -->
>   <p>  <!-- P cannot nest; close first P before opening second P -->
>   </p> <!-- Closes second P element -->
> </p>   <!-- Error, there are no open P elements at this point. -->
> In XHTML (which is stricter then HTML 4) you would have gotten an error at
> the second <p> because in XHTML elements are not allowed to have omitted
> end tags. HTML 4 is more permissive so it lets you get away with the first
> implied end tag, but will then complain when you have an apparently
> extraneous end tag at the end.
> One good way to discover this kind of error is to turn on the Validator's
> Verbose mode and look at the Parse Tree. It would have showed you where
> Validator inserted the implied </p> in the above code.
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