Re: Validation issue

Write your URLs with & everywhere you see a "raw" &.  This will fix
the problem and has no negative effects (your links will still work in 

BTW, this is the most common question on this list.


On Wednesday, April 2, 2003, at 06:27 AM, LECHNER, Georg wrote:

> Dera Sirs,
> I am the web designer of the Official Austrian Data Protection Website 
> ( I am working hard to make my site confom 
> to all standards, and I use the validator routinely (Thanks for this 
> very useful tool BTW).
> I have just one problem. The Validator keeps complaining about URLs to 
> the website of the European Union. Just run 
> through the validator, 
> and you will see. I have no control over these URLs, and everything 
> else on the page is OK. It would be OK if it pointed out these URLs as 
> potentially troublesome, but it should not say that the page is bad 
> Best regards,
> Mag. Georg LECHNER
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