Re: HTML 4.0 Transitional validation not completely compliant to

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002, Praktikant (e-Health) wrote:
> Current Doctype: HTML 4.0 <>
> Transitional
> Error: there is no attribute "VALIGN" for this element (in this HTML
> version) 
> however,
> does contain the "valign" attribute for <table> (th, td, tr...) elements .
> am i unable to read properly or is this a minor bug?

Note that points to the HTML 4.01
specification, not the 4.0 for which you use the DTD (as a matter of
fact I strongly suggest you use HTML4.01 rather than the one you're

As for your problem, without the HTML code the validator
claims is invalid I can't tell you more than "check
for the list of tags with which you are allowed to use the valign

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Received on Thursday, 12 September 2002 05:58:45 UTC