Re: Centring Tables in HTML 4.01 Strict...? or rather align right:


you suggested to Sungwook Woo:
>> Hi,
>> If even 'div align' tag has deprecated,
>> how about this?
>> <table>
>>   <tr>
>>     <td align=center>
>>       <table><!--the table that you want to make-->
>>       </table>
>>     </td>
>>   </tr>
>> </table>
>It's kind of missing the point.  The presentation elements and
>attributes are deprecated because presentation should be handled by CSS
>only in Strict (X)HTML.
I tried to add to my CSS
   table.langSel {text-align: right;}
and to the html file
   <table class="langSel" border=0>
But this does not have the same effect as align right.
my table is still at the left end of the screen, just the text in the cell
is aligned to the right.
And the CSS validator tells me that "align=right" is not allowed.

What do you recommend?

Rgds r.

P.S.: Some further thoughts
1) tells me that
<table align=right> is no longer valid.
2) The HTML spec still has it, but calls it "deprecated".
3) the still
recommends the above syntax?

So, my questions:
4) What should I do? putting a div tag with style="text-align: right"
didn't help.
5) suggestion: add the right solution to the FAQ in 3)
6) suggestion: couldn't the be a little bit more
verbose and provide links to the remedies of the most frequent errors...

Many thanks for any answers (pls cc to!

Received on Thursday, 12 September 2002 05:47:41 UTC