Re: Media type

* Bertilo Wennergren wrote:
>I just tried out the new validator, and it immediately proved to be more
>useful than the old one, since it successfully validated my XHTMl 1.1
>pages served as "application/xhtml+xml":
>  <>
>The old validator refused to touch that stuff.
>Congratulations to the team that worked on the new validator!
>It would perhaps be a good idea if the validator reported the media type
>of the validated resource. The choice between "text/html",
>"application/xhtml+xml", "application/xml" (and whatever else) for XHTML
>docs, is an important issue that many people are not even aware of.
>The new validator should probably also report what character encoding it
>detected (the old one does).

Agreed for both. Maybe it should just echo the complete HTTP response
header, or link to

As for XHTML media types, the validator should try to complain if the
recommendations of are not met,
e.g. complain if an XHTML 1.1 document is published as text/html. There
is already a great test case available:


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