Re: link from Valid XHTML 1.0! button

Robert Shaw <> wrote:

>It seems the link provided by the MarkUp Validator for Valid XHTML 1.0
>( is, apparently, an unsupported
>(undefined) URI scheme.
>I guess the link that the Validator gives you on successful validation
>needs to be updated. If anyone could send my the correct URI, I'd
>appareciate it.

That link is meant to be embedded in one of your web pages. When someone
clicks that link, their browser will send along the URL of the page they
were visiting -- the page that "referred" them to the Validator -- and the
Validator will check that page.

If you just cut&paste the link into your web browser it will not work.

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Received on Wednesday, 27 November 2002 19:47:40 UTC