Re: css and valid css

Ted Kroiter <> wrote:

>when I check my css sheets against your validator, it says no problem
>but adds that it needs to be valid html. What does this mean? That it
>has to have the usual html doc tags, head, title, body, closing body and
>head etc? I link my external ss from within the html docs but the ss
>themselves do not have a valid html structure??? really puzzled by this.
>I checked your own css sheets and they dont start with <html> <head> etc
>either ...???

Perhaps you wanted the mailing list?

The CSS Validator is probably telling you that your style sheets are valid
CSS, but that in order for the stylesheet to have the desired effect, the
markup in the HTML file linking to it must also be valid in its own right.

IIRC, the CSS Validator only tells you this if it thinks your HTML has
syntax errors. Try running it through the W3C MarkUp Validator at
<URL:> and see what it tells you.

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Received on Sunday, 24 November 2002 18:05:45 UTC