Some quick ideas

As AC Rep for Mobileaware, at the recent AC meeting I made some suggestions. Here they are, for your consideration. If you want clarifications, reply to the list and cc me directly.
--- If validator gives boolean result, then "false" is so negative that you are not encouraged to try again.
--- But if validator gives a ranking (e.g. percentage) then you are encouraged to improve your result. Eventually you get 100% and are conformant.
--- Validator should give tips to remedy non-conformant sites/pages based on analysis of non-conformant pages.
--- On-line validator should keep track of most common errors and feed results to WGs who are interested in improving authoring tools. (This could be *very* useful.)
--- Our s/w uses XHTML as its primary input, generating all kinds of output formats. Can we use W3C validator in our input pipeline?
Dr Rotan Hanrahan
Chief Innovations Architect

Received on Wednesday, 20 November 2002 17:29:36 UTC