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Thanks for the quick reply.
I think the strategy on the last is a bit mistaken. The W3C validator is
I believe, very popular and generally used as a lint.
It might be good to have authors page's checked as thoroughly as
possible rather than being purist about it being a validator.

In any event, it would be good if the validator page made clear its
intent to be validator and not lint so people do not get a misimpression
and so people understand the difference that you see.
The page says it checks for conformance to w3c standards. I would have
thought that included checking for links to internal targets that do not
exist. You seem to be implying that it is more for establishing
correspondance to dtd. (Which is important to, of course.)

Was the css validator down last night? I couldn't get to it. It seems up
today, but it seems to be unavailable when I am looking for it.


Ville Skyttä wrote:
> > The checklink utility is very nice. Great utility.
> Thanks :)
> > One suggestion, it would be nice to have an option for the recursive
> > descent to only descend to pages on the same domain, or perhaps under
> > the same root page.
> True, this is on the checklink TODO list, stay tuned.  Part of the
> functionality you requested is already in checklink, though it's command
> line only for now:
>         -l/--location uri       Scope of the documents checked.
>                                 By default, for
>                                 for example, it would be:
> > Great tool though. I was a little surprised that I was missing an id and
> > the validation tool hadn't caught that.
> > I think a check that links to internal ids, have existing targets,
> > should also be in the validation tool...
> There has been some discussion about this on the list earlier.  But as
> long as the DTDs don't have real rules for that stuff, it can't be
> validated, but is considered "lint"-like functionality.  There are some
> plans to provide this later, but most of the work on the validator is
> targeted to validation at least for now.
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