Re: The beta validator

Hi Terje Bless, you had cause to utter:

> elfin  wrote:
>> Bit of feedback on the results though...
>> It is currently a little harder to understand, I personally think the
>> one liner : it has passed/failed (or whatever it is) was easier to
>> see. I have to read more on the beta validator to find out !
> Suggestions are very much welcome!
> How can we improve the visibility of the "This Page Is Valid" banner
> running across the top? Is it that it "drowns" in all the other page
> elements in that area?

I have just spent some time trying to find a page on L-Space that I have
been working on that doesn't validate...just so that I could see the
result. Eventually had to fudge one to use.

Anyway, on the 'error' result page the 'Red bar' is a good indication
that the page has failed. I'm also relieved that the re-validate button
works :-)

However on the 'pass' screen the 'Blue bar' tends to blend in, well for
my eyes anyway. I didn't even notice it the first time. Off the top off
my head I would suggest either of the following:

The bar should be Green if a page passes. The blue used is virtually, if
not the same as, the text at the top, might just make it a tad
'missable' for some (like me!)

alternatively move it further down the page, Possibly beneath the 'Tip
of the Day'.

Or even both.

Another thing, very very minor, but your code:
<p> <a href=""><img
src="" alt="Valid XHTML 1.0!"
height="31" width="88" /></a> </p>

any reason for the spaces around the link?

who's own site could do with bringing up to scratch :-)

Received on Thursday, 14 November 2002 19:49:53 UTC