Re: Validator fails to detect invalid document

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Terje Bless wrote:
> But see
> <URL:
> php>. Depending on feedback, this may or may not change before release.

If you leave this enabled, please make it _abundantly_ clear that this is
not technically correct. Better would be to add an "uber strict" mode
which checks this as well.

Note that this will also prevent users from omitting #FIXED or other
non-#IMPLIED attributes, it will disallow the well-supported literal
delimiter omission feature (foo=bar vs foo="bar"), and it will disallow
the partly-supported attribute name omission feature (<h1 center> vs <h1

Now, it would also disallow the commonly misunderstood <foo/ syntax (with
its resulting trailing '>' in the output).

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