Re: validating asp code

> Correct me if I'm wrong,


> - parse the page in question through a browser
> - copy the source code into a new .htm document and upload

Ugh.  That sounds long-winded and error-prone.  You are also vulnerable
to browsers that save a corrected version of your source.


Congratulations.  That's the first time I recollect seeing a valid .asp
page, anywhere.  Though I don't agree with your claim to be WCAG-AA
compliant (and I find your page hard to read due to the tiny print).

> Here's the problem: if you go the above url, put something in your

Here's another problem: where's the submit button on your Form?
Oh, I see, if I load images I get that, though it still tells me
my basket is empty after I select boots (blue, size 12).

> and run through the validation process on the basket.asp page (for
> condition), the page validates. However, if you click on the icon at the
> bottom of the page, it runs the page through the html validator and it
> not validate anymore.

I expect that what your server is sending to the validator is not the
same as what it sent to your browser.  I'd suspect that might be down
to ASP doing its own clue-challenged thing behind your back.  Page
Valet confirms the same errors you reported in "basket.asp".

> There are two errors:

Erm - the validator has been running a long time.  That's certainly not
the kind of marginal issue that could be a bug and go unnoticed.

Conclusion: your server isn't doing what you think.  You have too much
clue to be using ASP.

Nick Kew

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Received on Thursday, 27 June 2002 16:07:10 UTC