validating asp code

We have created ASP pages to make an online shopping cart. It is this cart
we are validating. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understood the validation
process to be this:

- parse the page in question through a browser
- copy the source code into a new .htm document and upload
- run this .htm page through the w3c's html validator
- repeat the same page if it has more than one condition (example, if basket
is empty display this, if not, display that).

By using the method above, I have validated the shopping cart at and added the appropriate icon to the
bottom of the page.

Here's the problem: if you go the above url, put something in your basket
and run through the validation process on the basket.asp page (for either
condition), the page validates. However, if you click on the icon at the
bottom of the page, it runs the page through the html validator and it does
not validate anymore.

There are two errors: it tells me there is a closed table tag when there is
no open table tag (that's crap). Second, it tells me there is a closed form
tag when there is no open form tag (also crap). If I remove the two
"offending" end tags, the page validates when you click the icon but no
longer works in Netscape (it shouldn't work: It's wrong!)

Any suggestions, comments, words of wisdom?

Thanks in advance.

Michelle Podd
Web Designer

Received on Thursday, 27 June 2002 15:23:45 UTC