Re: application/x-javascript in MSIE6

"Ville Skyttä" <>

>There was some discussion about the correct content type for Javascript
>on the list a while ago; to add to that, I just noticed that MSIE 6.0 on
>Win2K (probably others Windowses too) doesn't support
>application/x-javascript, but text/javascript works fine.  I reported
>the "bug" to MS, but have received no reply yet.  Oh well.

I don't think it's a bug for MS not to support that mime-type, they don't
support javascript, they have their own ECMAScript implementation called

It's an x- it shouldn't be used, and if it is being used I think it has
to be to describe JavaScript, and not the general case.


Received on Thursday, 20 June 2002 06:43:11 UTC