Re: Fwd: W3C logo

On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, Martin Duerst forwarded from: "Mark Davis"

> >On
> ><>http://www.unicode.
> >org/unicode/consortium/newcomer.html, we use the W3C HTML logo. Notice,
> >however, that there is a white edge underneath the left side, where the
> >checkmark sticks out. That edge should be the transparent GIF color
> >instead, so it works on different backgrounds.

I'd vote for only having the W3C logos in only png format, where alpha
blending can take care of that whole transparency thing. Forget gifs,
their limitations and patent problems, and forget beating the dead
horse that is content ('I noticed that you were missing the file
extension and I thought I had better point it out') negotation while
we're at it.



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