Re: no endtag - still no errors found

On Saturday, February 16, 2002, at 02:08 PM, hn/berlin wrote:

> i  just checked one of my HTML4.0 - Pages with the validator.
> Result was: "no errors found"
> witch would be great, if there wasn`t the fact, that this document 
> missed the end-tag for "head".
> None of my 3 Browsers (opera6, ie5.0 and netscape4.73) had any visible 
> problems whith the document,
> still i do not think, that a page, that does not distinct between Head 
> and Body can be valid...

In HTML (not XHTML) the opening and closing tags for HTML, HEAD and BODY 
are optional when the can be inferred from context. It is a good idea 
for you to include them, but omitting them isn't an error, so the 
validator won't flag it as such.


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