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"Tavares, Marcio" <> wrote:

> Anybody knows some site that talks widely about charsets? Preferably about
> Asian and East European charsets.

You'd better ask such question on the mailing
list, that's the list for work on internationalization, localization,
and multilingualism for the World Wide Web.

Anyway ... you could find some information at:

The Unicode Consortium's "Useful Resources" page includes a bunch of
links to valuable sites:

"Introduction to i18n" in Debian GNU/Linux's manual, in particular
"Chapter 4 Coded Character Sets And Encodings in the World" is worth
a look:

For East European languages/scripts, the following letter database
is really excellent:

Koichi Yasuoka maintains a bunch of character tables, mainly CJK
character sets but also variants of ISO 646, ISO 8859 series and

Again, unless your question is quite relevant to the validator,
further discussion should take place on the www-international
list, not on this list.

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W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

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