Re: Fonts in validator page

Bertilo Wennergren <>:
> Christoph Päper:
>> Bertilo Wennergren <>:
>>> Why should the validator play with CSS at all?

I forgot to mention that doesn't "play" with CSS, but uses
it. The usage isn't perfect yet, though. Neither are CSS implementations.

>> To attract^Wnot expel "eye people"?
> I don't really think they'll complain, or care, about the looks of the
> validator.

"Eye people" aka "non-techies"? Sure they would. Guess why so many programs
come with skinning capabilities nowadays, because people look at the looks
first (and some only).

> Mozilla does not allow us to disable CSS,

Really? Bad browser. But AFAIK it does allow user stylesheets, you could set
one up with all your likings and !important written all over it.

> I just think the validator would do just fine without CSS.

Sure it would function fine without, but it would not help to dismiss the
"pretty webpages are not possible with valid strict [X]HTML" grumbles.
Actually it even functions without HTML for the results, although in beta

Christoph Päper

Received on Thursday, 12 December 2002 10:48:36 UTC