Re: Fonts in validator page

Christoph Päper:

> Bertilo Wennergren <>:

> > Why should the validator play with CSS at all?

> To show the benefits of a correct parse tree?

Or the problems that remain with CSS used in the real world...

> To attract^Wnot expel "eye people"?

I don't really think they'll complain, or care, about the looks of the 

> CSS correctly used easily enhances the readability of [X]HTML
> documents compared to default stylesheets of common browsers.

> > Plain simple XHTML would do just fine.

> You're free to disable CSS in /your/ browser and/or use a user
> stylesheet.

Mozilla does not allow us to disable CSS, but it does allow us to 
disable font choices. I do, most of the time.

> Christoph Päper, who didn't want to start a debate on principles

No, this is not about principles. I just think the validator would do 
just fine without CSS. It would save the developers time to care about 
real bugs in the actual validator, and in real problems with content, 
not needing to worry which fonts to use, or which font settings might 
upset Konqueror.

I use CSS a lot myself.

Bertilo Wennergren <> <>

Received on Thursday, 12 December 2002 08:35:49 UTC