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JAG CHAHAL <> wrote:

>their is no explanation for this error, "Sorry, I am unable to validate
>this document because its content type is text/plain, which is not
>currently supported by this service. "
>what exactly does that mean and where can i find information abouy this
>error? thank you for your time.

Ah, good point. We really should add some explanatory text to this error
message. It's terse to the point of being obtuse. Thanks for the

What it means is that your web server is sending the file as if it were
plain text and not HTML. Most likely this is because you've called your
file "something.htm" and your webserver expects HTML files to end with
".html" (notice the extra "l"); or the other way around.

You need to rename your file accordingly or configure your server to
recognize other filename extensions as HTML files.

( It may appear to "work" in some browsers because they are being agressive
in treating unknown content as HTML, which leads to problems in other
cases. I strongly recommend not relying on this behaviour in browsers!)

Thanks for the feedback!

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