Link Checker Not Following Redirect (or some other problem?)

Looking at:

1. It looks like it's checking links for '/' and '/Overview.html' (with 
recursive on)?
2. It's complaining about two fragment identifiers as discussed below.

[17:32:41] <reagleHOM> also, is a link checker guru here? i don't know what 
the problem is with the fragment-id's on the dsig spec...?
[17:32:48] <reagleHOM> sha1: 1745, 2494
[17:33:44] <reagleHOM> the fragment id's, i suspoct something is getting 
confused with the namespace redirect
[17:34:00] <reagleHOM> but all the other fragments work, just the sha1 and 
base64 seem to fail
[17:34:15] <hugo> hmmm... is text/xml, 
[17:34:16] <reagleHOM> is a real 
URI.... but linkchecker don't think so...
[17:34:23] <reagleHOM> hugo, depends what you ask for
[17:35:33] <hugo> it seems that the link checker doesn't get 
[17:35:39] <reagleHOM> hugo: xmldsig namespace does a redirect based on
[17:35:42] <hugo> well, I don't know; report a bug :-)
[17:35:54] <reagleHOM> what accept does link checker send?
[17:36:15] <hugo> none, I think, which is a mistake

Received on Thursday, 5 December 2002 17:42:01 UTC