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My issue seems stem from the addition of the "Verbose Output" option. The validator assumes you want a simple "yes-no" by default; to get the filename, you need to request the verbose option by clicking on "Extended interface" from the home ( page.

My problem was that I had the old (I guess) file upload page ( bookmarked, which provided some of the reporting options but _not_ the "Verbose Output" option (and no link to "Extended Interface"). I assume that's why it didn't display any extra information, even when requested.

Now I know. I will update my bookmark to 

As a suggestion, perhaps you could redirect the old ( page to the new (./detailed.html) page, or remove the options and provide a link to the "Extended Interface" (i.e. make it like the main page) instead so users with existing bookmarks will not be confused.

(An additional suggestion: add a css rule for printing "valid" class elements that prints black text on white background. The "White on blue" scheme provides virtually zero legibility on my black-and-white printer.)

Please excuse my griping; it's only because I find your service so darn useful!

Thanks again.


>>> "Olivier Thereaux" <> 12/02/02 05:10PM >>>
Hello Philip.

On Tuesday, Dec 3, 2002, at 03:40 Asia/Tokyo, Philip Metz wrote:
> I like your new validation results page 
> ( However, it doesn't display the 
> filename.

Are you sure? The default result page says something like " The 
document located at <>  was checked and found to 
be valid". Is that not what you need? You may also want to try the 
"verbose output" added in the dec. 01 maintenance release.

> Also, the page source, outline and parse tree are not shown, even if 
> requested. These options were very useful at times and if you could 
> restore them it would be much appreciated.

They were actually restored in the same dec. 01 release. From the 
"default" result page you can access those by clicking on the "verbose 
output" link, or you can directly use the extended interface.

Does this answer your concern?

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Received on Monday, 2 December 2002 18:21:04 UTC