Re: [ANN] New generation of the "Markup Validator" released

On 2002-11-26 14:56+0000, Olivier Thereaux wrote:

> -         New generation of the "Markup Validator" released         -

>   After a little more than a year of development, and a month of 
>   beta test, we're proud to announce today the release of the new 
>   version of the Markup Validator, along with an update of the
>   eponymous online service at :
> 		<URL:>

Good job! I am glad to see it has been updated. I must say I am
very relieved not to be in the critical path to progress any more.
It's hard to give up the control/influence I once had, but I'll
have to get over it :)

I suggest running through the list of test cases [1] before each
update of the public site. (Of course, it would be nice to
automate that step.)

One problem seems to persist even after today's maintenance
release; the "outline" etc sections are not there, even though
the navigation links are included at the top. e.g.:;ss;sp;outline

BTW, if I notice small things like typos, should I go ahead and
commit changes myself, or send bug reports here? Either is fine
with me. (doing the commits directly seems more efficient)

Also, I hope to contribute a few QA tips soon.


Gerald Oskoboiny
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Received on Monday, 2 December 2002 04:19:49 UTC