Re: XHTML Validation service - a comment

I have just committed a first, sketchy solution for this,
please see
(revision 1.208). Needs some checking and testing
(which I can't do with my present setup).
I hope Nick can check this out to :8001, and you can give
it a try.

Regards,    Martin.

At 22:50 02/07/14 -0400, Ron Aitchison wrote:

>Thanks for the response. Figured there had to some reason to inhibit or abort.
>I would still suggest that on-balance (whatever that means) the good may
>outweigh the dangers of incorrect formatting. I would make two further
>comments here in terms of invalid chars affecting line numbering.
>a. the validator has calculated some line number (which may be incorrect due
>the invalid formatting) Best let the page author see what the validator
>figured. Everyone is then on the same (maybe incorrect) hymn sheet.
>b. I would certainly suppress the line number cross reference because it could
>become very dangerous.
>Nick Kew wrote:
> > On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Ron Aitchison wrote:
> >
> > > This leads to my comment, I have just hit some pages in which the XHTML
> > > validator is complaining that certain line numbers do not contain valid
> > > UTF-8 codings. However in spite of checking the 'Show Source' option the
> > > validator aborts after this check and does not display the source.
> >
> > Yes, that sounds about right.  If the validator shows source in the
> > presence of invalid characters, it risks being wildly wrong: what if
> > such a character affects line numbers?  OTOH, a simple listing might
> > indeed be helpful more often than not.
> >
> > In terms of the validator innards, there is some complexity involved.
> > Validator shoves the input through iconv before applying OpenSP to
> > do the actual validation.  If there is a charset problem, there is
> > no satisfactory answer to the question of which input (before or
> > after iconv) to show.  The approach adopted by the WDG validator
> > might work better in this instance, though I can't say without
> > a URL to look at.  The XML Validation service at Site Valet won't
> > fix this particular problem, but might help you in any case.
> >
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