Re: ideas for alternative text

"Glenn Kusardi" <> wrote in message
> > If I want to give a fully-functional explanation of the graphic that
will be
> > legitimately useful to a visitor who does not see the graphic(s), the
> > explanation itself ends up being condescending or redundant to
graphic users
> > because this distracting provision of alt tag information cannot be
> > separated from the graphic browser versions due to the onmouseover
> > of alt information on top of the graphic.
> See above... There are two attributes available: "title" which
> _should_ be displayed as tool tip and should provide a _additional_
> description to a picture and "alt" which _should_ only displayed if
> the image itself can't be shown and should provide a "image-replacing"
> description.

No, displaying more than one representation at the same time (the ALT,
and the image) can be very helpful to some users (it's something I find
extremely useful for images I don't understand, and for this reason on
mouseover my browser, displays TITLE and ALT, and is one of the reasons
why Mozilla is basically inaccessible to me.)  So whilst yes in general
what you say is a good suggestion for default rendering - there's nothing
wrong with showing ALT when there is not a TITLE attribute. Should in
your description is excessive, I don't like disobeying _should_s but
would be forced to.


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