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scripsit Karl Dubost:
> At 17:52 -0700 2002-08-13, Thanasis Kinias wrote:
> >FWIW, I would have to agree with Björn on this from an end-user
> >perspective.  _Normally_ I would want a validator simply to return an
> >error if it gets a 404, but a switch (like the DOCTYPE and charset
> >overrides) to validate 403/404/whatever error pages would be quite
> >useful.  What would be problematic would be validating the 404 page by
> >default, as it could be confusing to get the ``No errors found!'' result
> >when I've miskeyed a URL.
> Did I missed something?
> Except for built-in Web server error pages (which is bad because not 
> modifiable), the Error pages are often real files like for example

Often, but not always.  A default Apache installation, for example
(which is what started this thread) uses dynamically-generated error
pages.  If they live anywhere as distinct HTML files I can call with a
URI, I'm unaware of it.

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