Re: Validator success gif and problem.

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scripsit Paul Mayo:
>    Hi, thanks for the reply, It seems that the gif is now opening to the
>    Main W3C validation page. It seemed to fix itself. I'm sorry I didn't
>    add the url in the first place. It was actually opening the validation
>    page itself with information from someone else's web page about their
>    hobbies and music tastes, and telling me what wasn't valid, just
>    basically showing what it should do when a url is put in to be
>    validated.
>    I also have another question which you may be able to help me with. I
>    was trying to validate a Frameset but it doesn't recognise border=0 I
>    looked up the 4.01 html tags and it says to use frameborder=0 which
>    made my frameset valid but also didn't make the line between the
>    frames disappear like it should. Should I leave my frameset invalid? I
>    know it works but I'd really like it to be valid. Hope you can help,
>    thanks for your quick reply to the earlier problem too.

I never, ever use Frameset DTDs so I can't really say much about how
various user agents will render valid frameset pages.  Perhaps someone
else on the list can comment there.

Again, posting a URL will help to see what's going on.  

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