Re: target attribute of anchor tags

Thanasis Kinias wrote:

 > If you are in the United States, you also have Federal civil rights
 > legislation (the Americans with Disabilities Act) to consider.

Has the ADA been amended to include the web?  URL please.

Last I knew there was Section 508 which only dealt with sites that 
receive government funding.

 > Forcing the opening of new browser windows is disorienting and
 > confusing to blind users relying on screen readers, Braille displays,
 > and similar adaptive technology.  Using such a technique unecessarily
 > is illegally discriminatory against people with disabilities.

Who decides if the technique is 'necessary' or not?

It may be confusing, it may be disorienting, and it may be a bad idea 
for lots of reasons, but last I knew it wasn't "illegally 
discriminatory."  I'll add that I would be happy to be wrong, but let's 
not throw the law into this where it doesn't apply.

Setion 508 doesn't even say anything about websites opening new windows, 
although the WCAG does.


ps -- for those who ARE interested in what Section 508 has to say as 
well as what the WCAGuidelines are, I put them together in a 
Mozilla/Opera sidebar

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