Re: target attribute of anchor tags

"Thanasis Kinias" <>
>> Mozilla preferences: advanced: scripts and windows.
>>   uncheck 'Allow webpages to open a link in a new window'
>> technology providing solutions for problems technology creates.

>When I can choose my platform, I use Galeon with tabs, so the problem is
>reduced.  However, there are plenty of situations where I must use a
>public or shared Windows box with nothing but MSIE (or maybe an ancient
>NS4).  With these, there's nothing you can do.

Of course there is, you can either use a proxy, or if you really are on a
public machine - you can use a scripting solution yourself to remove
their scripting solutions (javascript:for
(i=0;i<document.links.length;i++) document.links[i].target='';void 0 )
for simple target, also remove onclick to avoid scripting ones.


Received on Thursday, 8 August 2002 10:21:49 UTC