Re: XHTML following the Compatibility guidelines is not validated as HTML 4.01?

"Tim Bagot" skribis:

> At 2002-08-03T00:53+0200, Paul Ebermann wrote:-
> > I just produced an XHTML document
> >
> > But when I try to validate it as HTML 4.01
> >
> > I get an validator error:
> XHTML and HTML are not truly compatible. In particular, it is impossible
> to use the same markup (correctly) for canonically empty elements. The
> compatibility guidelines are for backwards compatibility with existing,
> non-validating user agents, and assume various permissive - and sometimes
> technically incorrect - behaviours on their part.


Thank you for this information.

So I'll mark my documents as XHTML.


Received on Sunday, 4 August 2002 13:01:14 UTC