Re: XHTML following the Compatibility guidelines is not validated as HTML 4.01?

"Paul Ebermann" <> wrote:

> I just produced an XHTML document
> following the compatibility guidelines
> in appendix C of the recommendation
> (
> Is this an error in the validator,
> an error in the appendix C.2 of the spec,
> or an error in my understanding of C.2?

Appendix C is a set of guidelines to make XHTML documents (sort-of)
compatible with HTML user agents.  Those are NOT guidelines to make
HTML documents compatible with XHTML.  XHTML 1.0 is a reformulation
of HTML 4 in XML 1.0 but XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4 are not fully
compatible, due to differences between SGML rules used for HTML (as
elaborated in the SGML declaration for HTML 4) and XML's.

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Received on Saturday, 3 August 2002 02:48:21 UTC