Re: CVS information

> > Rest assured, if you see a large number of messages from me in any given
> > time frame, it's usually about getting the Validator to work on NT again
> > after some code changes have been made.
> I'd really like to get this fixed once and for all, but I don't have an NT
> box at the moment. I'll try to get one set up sometime, but no guarantees.

I'm happy to be a tester in the Win32 realm -- I think I've been that all
along, as it seems my Perl skills are not much good otherwise :)

> Text::Iconv is just a Perl wrapper for the iconv(3) functions from glibc;
> the GNU C Library. These aren't available on Windoze so it will never work
> there. However, if you have Cygwin running, it provides glibc so if it's
> to date it might work. At least version 2.1.something I think.

After several unsuccessful attempts at building it myself (hey, I'm a Domino
developer, not a C++ programmer), I sent a request to the Perl Win32 mailing
list (, and someone from
ActiveState was kind enough to build a PPM package for Text::Iconv.  I
installed it earlier this evening, and it appears to be working as it should
be, although if someone could share a URL I can hit to verify the
Text::Iconv functions are working, I'd appreciate it.  If anyone else wants
it, the package is accessible from

> Did you get Cygwin running?

Short answer -- yes.  Long answer -- yes, but I have no idea what to do
about the error messages I was getting when I attempted to build Text::Iconv
or libiconv from source...

> An alternative is to disable the Iconv routines on Windoze and declare
> charset conversion non-functional on that platform. Since SP has it's own
> charset routines this should actually work most of the time in practice,

See above...


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