Re: CVS information

[ I'm CCing w-v again as it's back on topic again. :-) ]

Brian Gilkison wrote:

>Rest assured, if you see a large number of messages from me in any given
>time frame, it's usually about getting the Validator to work on NT again
>after some code changes have been made.

I'd really like to get this fixed once and for all, but I don't have an NT
box at the moment. I'll try to get one set up sometime, but no guarantees.

>For example, there's a good chance
>it will be broken for NT again soon, as I can't find a Win32-compatible
>version of Text::Iconv out there -- it's unfortunately not available through
>ActiveState's PPM service, and try as I might, I'm not a C++ programmer,  so
>I can't get the script to compile (which has something to do with iconv()
>not being a (easily) supported function on Win32 platforms...

Text::Iconv is just a Perl wrapper for the iconv(3) functions from glibc;
the GNU C Library. These aren't available on Windoze so it will never work
there. However, if you have Cygwin running, it provides glibc so if it's up
to date it might work. At least version 2.1.something I think.

Did you get Cygwin running?

An alternative is to disable the Iconv routines on Windoze and declare
charset conversion non-functional on that platform. Since SP has it's own
charset routines this should actually work most of the time in practice,
but I'd hate to do that on general principle if nothing else.

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