Any C++ programmers around? (was: Unix --> NT (source code stuff))

On 28.02.01 at 20:49, Nick Kew <> wrote:

>I've recently recompiled Code Valet for Windoze.  This is basically a
>web-enabled version of SP, to do validation and (many) other things
>without the need for an intervening CGI wrapper.  It uses Liam's mods to
>SP as its starting point.

Could we infer from this that you are a bit of a C++ wizard? Could we
parhaps prevail on you to do some hacking on
the-SP-based-SGML-parser-of-the-moment (SP/lq-nsgmls/onsgmls) to fix
problems/add features at need?

Every now and again there crops up little (and, sometimes, not so little)
issues that can only be fixed in the SGML Parser and I don't "speak" C++
__at_all__ (dunno about Gerald; but he's a bit strapped for time). If you
would be willing to at least look into them I'd really appreciate it!

If anyone else here knows both C++ and SGML, and might be willing to donate
a little time every once in a while, I'd like to hear from you too. If you
happen to know C++, SGML, _and_ Perl you're a Godsend as far as I'm
concerned! :-)

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