Re: Support for Priority 2?

On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Jim Winkle wrote:

> Hi --
> I'm in the process of making a website conform to Priority 2 
> (conformance level AA). It appears to me that the Validator 
> service does only Priority 1,

The two services are fundamentally different.  The Validator is a formally
rigorous test of HTML correctness, whereas Bobby is a set of essentially
ad-hoc tests of conformance to a diverse range of accessibility criteria.

> doesn't.  Is this correct? Is there a way to turn on Priority 2 
> checking with Validator as there is with Bobby?

Yes and no.

You can validate for accessibility at a more demanding level by declaring
a stricter DTD in your documents.  The WDG DTD[1] is designed for
accessibility, and is probably the nearest thing to "level 2" you'll
get from a validator at present.  The Page Valet[2] integrates that into
a validator similar to the W3C service.


Nick Kew

Received on Wednesday, 10 January 2001 16:54:55 UTC