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On 02.01.01 at 10:12, Shane P. McCarron <> wrote:

>I think that Masa may have confused some people here:
>Masayasu Ishikawa wrote:
>> Also note that in the XHTML Basic specification, the "id" attribute is
>> NOT used on the "a" element, but on other elements like "h2" and "dt".
>To be clear, the source of the XHTML Basic document never uses the id
>attribute on the "a" element as an anchor point, instead relying upon
>the id attribute of elements like h2 and dt.  This is because some older
>browsers do not support the HTML 4 required behavior of permitting the
>id attribute of the "a" element to be an anchor.

Are you trying to say that "While `idŽ /can/ be used on `AŽ, it's not
necessary as it was with `<A name="foo">Ž, and some browsers do not support
it, so XHTML Basic _prefers_ that you place `idŽ attributes on other
elements to achieve the same effect"? It sounds like both you and Masayasu
Ishikawa[0] are saying that `<A id="foo">Ž is actually illegal in XHTML
Basic, and I assume that's incorrect?

[0] - Is "Masa" the correct shortening or is that overly familiar?
      With English names I have a vague idea, but with Japanese(?)
      I'm way out of my dept. Would Masayasu-san be correct or have
      I seen too many bad WWII movies? :-)

-link, still not sure if Christian grinds his teeth at "Chris". :-)

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