Re: The "iso-8859-8-i" encoding

On 18.03.01 at 00:23, Udi Wertheimer <> wrote:

>The ISO-8859 standard includes the ISO-8859-8 character set, which is a
>standard Hebrew character set. However, in HTML, the iso-8859-8 "charset"
>is considered to mark a page as with visually ordered Hebrew, and not with
>implicit, right-to-left, directionality. W3C is aware of this, and also
>recommends to use the iso-8859-i encoding in implicit Hebrew pages on the
>HTML 4 specification at
> However, the
>HTML Validator does not recognize the iso-8859-8-i character set. So, the
>Validator should be fixed to support the iso-8859-i character set, which
>is IDENTICAL to iso-8859-8 in the character map.

So we should treat "iso-8859-8-i" as an alias for "iso-8859-8"?

(I'm assuming that "iso-8859-i" is shorthand for "iso-8859-8-i"?)

Received on Thursday, 5 April 2001 12:46:56 UTC