Re: Specifying the Document type in the validator instead of in the page

On 04.04.01 at 14:57, Peter Foti (PeterF) <>

>I see there is an option to select the Document type.  Finally!  :)

Hey! Gift Horse... Deal! :-)

>However, this option seems to be missing on the File Upload
>( page.  Are there plans to add
>it to there as well?

Not really, but as it's omission was an oversight I'll keep it in mind for
the next round of updates. Unless I'm misremembering badly this should be a
pure HTML change to the file-upload.html page and some minor "mechanical"
changes to the code, but it must still be tested etc. so it takes a little
longer  the just making the changes.

>Also, are there plans to allow users to paste code right into a textarea
>and validate the document that way?  

Yeah. This was what made the DOCTYPE override necessary in the first place
so this is definitely on the TODO. I think the plan is to give the code
some shakeout time and then add a textarea. I'm unable to do much right now
for various practical reasons and I think Gerald is busy with various other
duties, but as a loose guess it might get done sometime over the next month
or so (but don't hold me to that! ;D).

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