This has probably come up once before, and I apolgize to the list if it has, but perhaps someone can help me...

I'm trying to get an MP3 to load on a website.  I have the following command:

<object data="jungle.mp3" type="audio/x-mpeg" height="0" width="0">Jungle!</object>

I have a similar command set up on another page, where I load a WAV file.  HTML Tidy validates the command as valid, so I thought that maybe it was the MIME format being used.  I've confirmed that the filename is correct and is in the correct location.  All that happens is the word "Jungle!" appears on the page itself.

Has anyone been able to successfully have an MP3 load on their page using OBJECT, and if so, could you chime in and help a chap out?

Thanks much,


Received on Tuesday, 19 September 2000 05:50:06 UTC