>Then, I started Internet Explorer 5 and went to my site.  I clicked on a
>link, that's when the browser crashed.  I repeated the test- it happened
>again.  I tried it on Netscape-  it looked Netscapish (ie, terrible),
>but didn't crash.
>My analysis, Internet Explorer 5 is not compatible with XHTML 1.0.  I've
>read that IE 4.5 for Macintosh has serious problems with XHTML, but I
>had no idea the fairly good IE 5 for Windows would crash.

Keith, can you give some sample URLs?  I use IE5 as my main browser, but 
I've not experienced any problems such as you describe with my personal 
pages that I've converted to XHTML (shoot, I even got one to validate as 
XHTML Strict -- 'Strict' is a rarity on my pages).

Brian Gilkison

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Received on Monday, 31 January 2000 14:28:41 UTC