Re: More comments on validator and HTML4

Vidiot wrote:

> I added a DOCTYPE to so that I
> look for other errors.  What I came up with has surprised me.
> 1) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
>    This error has been mentioned before, so I'm probably beating a
>    dead horse, but to force the TYPE attribute on the world is going
>    to be like leading a horse to water.  You can't make it drink.
>    All of the Javascript examples that I have seen out on the web
>    all use the above to describe the script language type.  It is
>    never going to go away.  If you want to use TYPE, fine.  But don't
>    deprecate LANGUAGE.  Allow both.  Have the HTML document strongly
>    urge the usage of TYPE, but don't kill LANGUAGE.
> 2) Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
>    Really?  I understand the need for ALT within IMG, but to require
>    it?  Browsers certain to not refuse to display pages because the
>    attribute is missing.  I personally always use them, but to
>    require them is a bit much.  I would strongly urge the optional
>    use of the attribute and fully describe the reason for the use in
>    the HTML 4 document.
> 3) Line 87, column 146:
>      ... middle>   <A
> HREF="ubbmisc.cgi?action=getannounce&ForumNumber=3&Start= ...
>                                                            ^
>    Error: general entity "ForumNumber" not defined and no default entity
>    Oops, validator parsing error?  Arguments being passed to a CGI
>    script are not invalid.

You should replace '&' with' &amp;'.  This list has discussed the use of
ampersands separating arguments to a CGI script for the past two or three
weeks.  Your browser will convert '&amp;' to '&' and your script will run
just fine.

> 4) Line 259, column 120:
>       ... eryone Looking for Brendan's Autograph from the M&M Board -
> Click Here ...
>                                                            ^
>    Error: general entity "M" not defined and no default entity
>    Am I missing something here?  The & character is not illegal.  To
>    require that the & character be defind as an entity is going too
>    far.  The validator should ignore the & character if there isn't
>    a ; to close the entity within a certain number of characters.

You face this problem with any language with meta characters.  In
C (and quite a few other languages) '\' is a special character.  In html,
we use '&' but it's the same general idea.  This specification isn't new
to html 4.0 - it's part of 2.0 if not earlier.

> General comment on the HTML4 PDF document.  When the document is
> printed,
> which I have done, it is tough to find a page because for some
> unknown reason, the page numbers are in the INSIDE of the printed
> page instead on the OUTSIDE of the printed page.  Please move the
> date/section info to the inside and the page number to the outside.
> Yes, I printed the document double-sided.
> Thanks for reading my comments.
> Mike Brown
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