More comments on validator and HTML4

I added a DOCTYPE to so that I
look for other errors.  What I came up with has surprised me.

1) <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
   This error has been mentioned before, so I'm probably beating a
   dead horse, but to force the TYPE attribute on the world is going
   to be like leading a horse to water.  You can't make it drink.
   All of the Javascript examples that I have seen out on the web
   all use the above to describe the script language type.  It is
   never going to go away.  If you want to use TYPE, fine.  But don't
   deprecate LANGUAGE.  Allow both.  Have the HTML document strongly
   urge the usage of TYPE, but don't kill LANGUAGE.

2) Error: required attribute "ALT" not specified
   Really?  I understand the need for ALT within IMG, but to require
   it?  Browsers certain to not refuse to display pages because the
   attribute is missing.  I personally always use them, but to
   require them is a bit much.  I would strongly urge the optional
   use of the attribute and fully describe the reason for the use in
   the HTML 4 document.

3) Line 87, column 146: 
     ... middle>   <A
HREF="ubbmisc.cgi?action=getannounce&ForumNumber=3&Start= ...
   Error: general entity "ForumNumber" not defined and no default entity

   Oops, validator parsing error?  Arguments being passed to a CGI
   script are not invalid.

4) Line 259, column 120: 
      ... eryone Looking for Brendan's Autograph from the M&M Board -
Click Here ...
   Error: general entity "M" not defined and no default entity

   Am I missing something here?  The & character is not illegal.  To
   require that the & character be defind as an entity is going too
   far.  The validator should ignore the & character if there isn't
   a ; to close the entity within a certain number of characters.

General comment on the HTML4 PDF document.  When the document is
which I have done, it is tough to find a page because for some
unknown reason, the page numbers are in the INSIDE of the printed
page instead on the OUTSIDE of the printed page.  Please move the
date/section info to the inside and the page number to the outside.
Yes, I printed the document double-sided.

Thanks for reading my comments.

Mike Brown
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