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At 09:21 PM 1/17/2000 , Vidiot wrote:
>I just downloaded the 4.01 PDF document and looked up the frames

Good!  That's the second step to recovery, reading the spec! :)
(The first is admitting that you have a validation problem!)

>It said that FRAMESET replaces BODY.  Excuse me, but where are the
>BODY attrribute supposed to be defined.

You put the BODY element within the NOFRAMES element.  That works
for me and it validates.

>According to the page
>that I read about NOFRAMES, there are no attributes to FRAMES that
>makes up for the BODY attributes.

Well, you could always use Cascading Style Sheets.  (I know, I know,
you probably don't want to hear about those either -- but someday
you will, and trust me, you will probably think they're neat although
frustrating due to crappiness on the part of Netscape and Microsoft.)

>I want to be able to define link colors, background color, etc.,
>for those browsers that can't do frames.
>Just how is that supposed to happen if <BODY> isn't allowed?

BODY is allowed.  Turn off weblint. :)


PS:  CSS lets you define link colors, background colors, etc. in
      a far more useful way than attributes on BODY do!

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