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unicorn commit: buccaneer, Arr!

From: Mercurial notifier <nobody@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:14:40 +0000
To: Unicorn Updates <www-validator-cvs@w3.org>
Message-Id: <E1OerIG-0007c4-92@blinky.w3.org>
changeset:   1406:0c4aea8ae2fa
tag:         tip
user:        Jean-Guilhem Rouel <jean-gui@w3.org>
date:        Fri Jul 30 17:14:26 2010 +0200
files:       WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/buccaneer.properties WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/tasks/buccaneer.tasklist.properties
buccaneer, Arr!

diff -r bee83ded7837 -r 0c4aea8ae2fa WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/buccaneer.properties
--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/buccaneer.properties	Fri Jul 30 17:14:26 2010 +0200
@@ -0,0 +1,89 @@
+anchor_message=Direct link t' this message
+anchor_observation=Direct link t' these results
+anchor_uri=Direct link t' this URI
+contexts_hide=Fold contexts
+contexts_show=%1 more...
+direct_link_label=Direct link
+direct_link_title_1=Revalidate this document on th' validator website
+direct_link_title_2=Link t' this validator website
+documentation_title=Documentation about this service an' th' software behind 't
+donation_program=Validators Donation Program
+download_title=Download th' source fer this service
+extra_options=Advanced options
+feedback_title=Send us yer thoughts an' bug reports on th' public development mailing-list
+instruction-by-input=Enter th' document ye would like checked
+instruction-by-upload=Choose th' document ye would like checked
+instruction-by-uri=Enter th' URI o' a document ye would like checked
+legend-by-input=Validate by Direct Input
+legend-by-upload=Validate by File Upload
+legend-by-uri=Validate by URI
+local_file_label=Local file:
+message_connect_exception=Th' URI ye submitted seems unreachable. Verify 't an' try again.
+message_document_not_found=Th' specified document dasn't exist.
+message_empty_direct_input=Ye must enter a document t' check.
+message_empty_uploaded_file=Th' uploaded file be empty.
+message_empty_uri=Ye must enter a URI t' check.
+message_incomplete_language=This translation be incomplete. ${message_translation}
+message_input_changed="%1" dasn't support th' %2 input method. Unicorn automatically adapted th' request, but this checker results may be inaccurate.
+message_input_changed_long=Some HTTP headers may ben lost or changed an' th' checker may nay be able t' follow th' links contained in yer document.
+message_invalid_mime_type=Th' specified mime-type (%1) be invalid.
+message_invalid_url_syntax=Th' specified URI be invalid: "%1".
+message_local_address_provided=Local IP addresses be forbidden by Unicorn`s configuration. Please use a public address.
+message_mail_date=Check executed th' %1.
+message_mail=Th' report be bein' sent t': %1.
+message_missing_email=Nay email address specified.
+message_missing_mime_type=Th' mime-type o' yer document be unspecified.
+message_no_observation_done=Thar be nay result t' display.
+message_no_referer=Yer request dasn't be havin' a Referer HTTP header.
+message_no_task=Nay task specified. Unicorn used its default task: "%1".
+message_not_found_mime_type=Th' mime-type o' yer document couldna be guessed.
+message_nothing_to_validate=Nay document be submitted.
+message_no_uploaded_file=Ye must upload a file.
+message_observer_connect_exception="%1" be unreachable.
+message_observer_internal_error="%1" reported an internal error. ${direct_link_label}.
+message_observer_not_found=Th' request t' "%1" resulted in a 404 (Nay Found) HTTP error.
+message_observer_read_timeout="%1" didna return a response in time.
+message_response_invalid_schema="%1" used an unsupported response format.
+message_response_validation_error="%1" returned an invalid response.
+message_ssl_warning=Th' SSL certificate o' this document be nay valid. Note that some validators may nay support invalid SSL certificates an' will report errors.
+message_translation=Help us translate Unicorn into yer native language.
+message_unauthorized_access=Th' specified URI requires authentication.
+message_unavailable_language=Unicorn be nay available in yer preferred language (%1). ${message_translation}
+message_unavailable_requested_language=Unicorn be nay available in th' language ye requested (%1). ${message_translation}
+message_unknown_host=Unknown host: %1.
+message_unknown_task=Unknown task "%1". Unicorn used its default task: "%2".
+message_unsupported_mime_type=Th' mime-type o' yer document (%1) be unsupported by this task.
+message_unsupported_protocol=Th' online service only supports "http:" an' "https:" URIs; "%1:" URI scheme nay supported.
+result_for=Result fer %1
+result_for_upload=Result fer th' document ye submitted
+select-a-task=Select a task
+stack_trace_text=A critical error has occured. Below be a stack trace from Unicorn, please copy an' submit in a bug report t' help us solve th' problem.
+submitted_file=Submitted document
+submit_title=Submit file fer validation
+test_fail=This document has nay passed th' test: %1
+test_ok=This document has passed th' test: %1
+test_undef=Results fer th' test: %1
+translations_title=Help us translate Unicorn
+unicorn_title=W3C`s Unified Validator
+unicorn_subtitle=Improve th' quality o' th' Web
+uri_title=Address o' page t' Validate
+validate-by-input=By Direct Input
+validate-by-upload=By File Upload
+validate-by-uri=By URI
diff -r bee83ded7837 -r 0c4aea8ae2fa WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/tasks/buccaneer.tasklist.properties
--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/tasks/buccaneer.tasklist.properties	Fri Jul 30 17:14:26 2010 +0200
@@ -0,0 +1,50 @@
+conformance=General Conformance Check
+conformance.description=Performs as many checks as possible.
+cacheability=Cacheability Checker
+feed=Feed Validator
+feed.description=Checks th' syntax o' Atom or RSS feeds
+test=Test task
+test.description=This task allows developers t' test the'r Unicorn output. Submit a Unicorn response file an' watch th' result.
+full-css=CSS Profile Validation
+full-css.description=Checks validity against CSS 1, CSS 2, CSS 2.1 an' CSS 3 profiles
+mobileok=MobileOK Checker
+mobileok.description=Checks mobile-friendliness
+custom=Custom task
+custom.description=Lets ye choose which checks t' perform
+custom.param.usermedium=CSS User Medium:
+custom.param.warning=CSS Warnin' Level:
+param.tests.appc-checker=XHTML - Appendix C
+param.tests.mobileok=Mobile ARRR
+param.tests.http=HTTP Headers
+param.warning.no=Nay warnings
+param.warning.0=Most important
+param.warning.1=Normal report
+param.profile=CSS Profile:
+param.profile.css1=CSS Level 1
+param.profile.css2=CSS Level 2
+param.profile.css21=CSS Level 2.1
+param.profile.css3=CSS Level 3
+param.profile.svgbasic=SVG Basic
+param.profile.svgtiny=SVG Wee
+param.profile.atsc-tv=ATSC TV Profile
+param.profile.tv=TV Profile
+param.usermedium=User Medium:
+param.usermedium.all=All (all)
+param.usermedium.aural=Aural (aural)
+param.usermedium.braille=Braille (braille)
+param.usermedium.embossed=Embossed (embossed)
+param.usermedium.handheld=Handheld (handheld)
+param.usermedium.presentation=Presentation (presentation)
+param.usermedium.print=Print (print)
+param.usermedium.projection=Projection (projection)
+param.usermedium.screen=Screen (screen)
+param.usermedium.tty=TTY (tty)
+param.usermedium.tv=TV (tv)
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