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unicorn commit: l33t speak added

From: Mercurial notifier <nobody@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:07:47 +0000
To: Unicorn Updates <www-validator-cvs@w3.org>
Message-Id: <E1OerBb-0007ZU-Pm@blinky.w3.org>
changeset:   1405:bee83ded7837
tag:         tip
user:        Jean-Guilhem Rouel <jean-gui@w3.org>
date:        Fri Jul 30 17:07:39 2010 +0200
files:       WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/l33t.properties WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/tasks/l33t.tasklist.properties
l33t speak added

diff -r 450eac4d3b39 -r bee83ded7837 WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/l33t.properties
--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/l33t.properties	Fri Jul 30 17:07:39 2010 +0200
@@ -0,0 +1,90 @@
+#Submitted by Jean-Guilhem Rouel <jean-gui@w3.org>
+anchor_message=DIrect LInk to thi2 messAge
+anchor_observation=DIrect liNK TO ThESe reSUlt2
+anchor_uri=dIreCT liNk To THi2 uRi
+contexts_hide=foLD cOnTEXt2
+contexts_show=%1 MoRe...
+direct_link_label=DiRECt liNK
+direct_link_title_1=ReVaLidaTe ThI2 dosPOOGeENT ON TEh vaLiDAtoR We8sItE
+direct_link_title_2=lINK To Thi2 valIDATOr We8SIte
+documentation_title=dOsPOoGeenTAtIon a8OUt ThI2 SERVIcE ANd teh SoftwaRE 8ehInd it
+donation_program=valiDATOr2 DOnaTioN pRoGRAM
+download_title=doWNload TEH SoUrcE pHor tHI2 SERviCe
+extra_options=aDVanCEd OPTIOn2
+feedback_title=Send U2 jOOR tHOUgHt2 and 8ug rEPoRT2 on teh Pu8lIC devEloPMeNt MailING-LisT
+instruction-by-input=EntEr Teh DosPOOGeeNt jOO WoULD lIKe CHECkeD
+instruction-by-upload=chOoSE TeH dOSpOOGEENT joo WoulD LiKE ChecKEd
+instruction-by-uri=EnTer tEH URi OF a dOSPOOGEeNt jOO wOULd LikE cHecKeD
+legend-by-input=vALIDaTe 8Y DiRECt iNput
+legend-by-upload=ValIDate 8y PhilE upLOad
+legend-by-uri=VAlIdaTE 8y URI
+local_file_label=loCal PHilE:
+message_connect_exception=The uRi Joo Su8MITTED SEEM2 UNreAChA8le. vERIfY it aND TRY aGAiN.
+message_document_not_found=the spEcIFIEd DOspoogEEnT DoE2 NOT ExiSt.
+message_empty_direct_input=yoU MusT enteR A DOSpOogeENT TO cHEcK.
+message_empty_uploaded_file=The UPLoAdEd pHILE i2 emPty.
+message_empty_uri=You muSt EnTER a Uri TO CHECk.
+message_incomplete_language=Thi2 translatiON I2 InCOmPlEtE. ${mesSAGe_tRANSlatiOn}
+message_input_changed="%1" doE2 NOt suppoRt TeH %2 InpUt meTHOd. UnICOrN aUTOMaTICalLY ADAPTeD TEh rekwesT, 8UT Thi2 ChECKEr ReSulT2 MaY 8e iNaccuRATE.
+message_input_changed_long=some htTP HEadeR2 mAy hAve 8EEn LOSt OR chANgeD ANd TeH ChecKER mAY NOT 8e A8LE to pHolLOW teh LINX CoNTaINeD In JoOr doSpOogEeNt.
+message_invalid_mime_type=tHE speCIFIEd mimE-tYPe (%1) i2 InvAlID.
+message_invalid_url_syntax=THe SPeCifIeD uRi I2 invalid: "%1".
+message_local_address_provided=locAL Ip AddrESSe2 r phOr8idDeN 8y uNicORn'2 ConfIgURAtION. pLeAsE UsE a pU8lic AdDRes2.
+message_mail_date=cheCK EXEcutED TeH %1.
+message_mail=the repORt I2 8EiNg sEnT to: %1.
+message_missing_email=NO EMAIL AddreS2 SPEcIfIed.
+message_missing_mime_type=THE miMe-Type Of JoOr DoSPoOGeENT i2 uNspeCiFiEd.
+message_no_observation_done=ThEre I2 No rESUlT tO DisPLay.
+message_no_referer=youR ReKwEsT dOE2 NoT HaVE a rEfEReR htTp HeADER.
+message_no_task=no taSK SpecifIED. unicOrn uSeD it2 DEfault TASK: "%1".
+message_not_found_mime_type=tHE mImE-TYpE OF jOor dOSPOOgEENt COUlD Not 8e GUessed.
+message_nothing_to_validate=No dosPOoGeent Ha2 8eEn SU8MiTTed.
+message_no_uploaded_file=you MUSt uPlOAD a PHILE.
+message_observer_connect_exception="%1" i2 UNrEaCha8Le.
+message_observer_internal_error="%1" rEPoRTED A InTERNAL eRROr. <A HREF="%2">${DiREcT_LinK_La8EL}</A>.
+message_observer_not_found=thE REKwEsT to "%1" resULTeD iN A <a HRef="HTtP://WwW.W3.oRg/pRoTOcOlS/rfC2616/rFC2616-sEc10.HtMl#seC10.4.5">404 (NOt phound) HTTP ErRor</A>.
+message_observer_read_timeout="%1" DID'nt RETurn a rESpoNSe in tiME.
+message_response_invalid_schema="%1" usED A UNsUpPOrteD rEspOnse PhOrm@.
+message_response_validation_error="%1" reTurNeD A InVALid ResPOnsE.
+message_ssl_warning=tHE Ssl CerTIFICAte OF THI2 dOSpOoGEenT I2 noT valiD. NOTE Th@ Some vaLidAtoR2 mAy nOT supPOrT InVALID sSL CErtiFicAtE2 And WILL rePORt eRRoR2.
+message_translation=hELp u2 <a hREf="./TRansLations%2">tRaNSLatE uNICOrN</A> INTo JoOr NAtivE LAngUAGe.
+message_unauthorized_access=thE speCiFIeD urI REkWIre2 aUtHEntiCaTiON.
+message_unavailable_language=unICOrN i2 nOT avAila8LE In joOR prEFeRred LANguAGE (%1). ${MeSSaGE_TraNsLAtiOn}
+message_unavailable_requested_language=UnicOrN i2 NoT AVAILa8Le in teH Language joo REKwesTed (%1). ${MESSaGE_TRaNsLAtIoN}
+message_unknown_host=UnkNOwN hOSt: %1.
+message_unknown_task=uNkNoWN TASk "%1". UNicorN uSED It2 dEFAUlT TAsk: "%2".
+message_unsupported_mime_type=tHe MiME-TYpe of JooR dOSPOoGeEnT (%1) i2 uNSUPpoRTed 8y thi2 TASk.
+message_unsupported_protocol=the ONLINe seRvICE onLY Support2 "hTTP:" AND "HTtPs:" uriS; "%1:" urI sCHemE NOT SUPPoRtED.
+result_for=ReSULt PhoR %1
+result_for_upload=reSUlt PhoR tEH dOSPoOgeeNt JOo sU8miTTED
+select-a-task=sElEcT a tAsk
+stack_trace_text=A CRiTIcaL eRrOr ha2 oCcuReD. 8ElOw I2 A stACK tRAce pHroM UNiCoRN, PleasE COpY AND <a href\="maILtO:PU8lic-Qa-deV@w3.orG">su8mIT iN a 8UG REpOrT</a> TO HELP u2 SolVe TEh prO8lEm.
+submitted_file=su8MiTteD doSpOoGeeNt
+submit_title=SU8MIT PHilE pHoR vALIdATIoN
+test_fail=THi2 dOSpoOGeENt ha2 NOT pASsED tEh tESt: %1
+test_ok=tHi2 DOsPOOGeenT HA2 paSSEd teh TeST: %1
+test_undef=resUlt2 PhOR Teh tesT: %1
+translations_title=hELP U2 TrANSLAte uNiCoRN
+unicorn_title=W3c'2 uniFieD vAlidAtOr
+unicorn_subtitle=imPrOVe teH kwALIty oF tEh we8
+uri_title=aDDres2 OF PAGe To VAlIDATE
+validate-by-input=8y dirEcT inPut
+validate-by-upload=8Y phILE UplOad
+validate-by-uri=8y URI
diff -r 450eac4d3b39 -r bee83ded7837 WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/tasks/l33t.tasklist.properties
--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/WebContent/WEB-INF/languages/tasks/l33t.tasklist.properties	Fri Jul 30 17:07:39 2010 +0200
@@ -0,0 +1,50 @@
+conformance=93N3R4l C0nF0Rm4nC3 CH3ck
+conformance.description=p3RF0rm5 45 m4NY CH3cX 45 p05518L3.
+cacheability=c4ch3481l17Y ch3CK3r
+feed=F33d V4L1d470r
+feed.description=ch3cX 7H3 5yn74x 0F 470m 0R R55 ph33D5
+test=7357 745K
+test.description=7H15 745K 4LL0w5 D3v3L0p3r5 70 7357 7H31R un1c0rn 0U7pU7. 5U8M17 4 uN1c0rn R35p0n53 Ph1l3 4Nd w47Ch 7H3 r35uL7.
+full-css=c55 Pr0F1l3 V4L1D4710n
+full-css.description=cH3Cx v4L1D17Y 4941N57 C55 1, C55 2, c55 2.1 4Nd c55 3 pR0f1L35
+mobileok=m081L30k cH3cK3R
+mobileok.description=Ch3cX m081l3-fR13nDL1n335
+custom=cu570m 745k
+custom.description=l375 U ch0053 wh1Ch ch3CX 70 p3RF0Rm
+custom.param.usermedium=C55 U53R M3d1um:
+custom.param.warning=c55 W4Rn1N' l3v3l:
+param.tests.appc-checker=Xh7mL - 4pp3Nd1X c
+param.tests.mobileok=M081l3 0k
+param.tests.http=H77p h34d3R5
+param.warning.no=n0 w4rn1n95
+param.warning.0=M057 1mp0r74N7
+param.warning.1=N0Rm4L r3p0r7
+param.profile=C55 PR0f1l3:
+param.profile.css1=c55 l3v3l 1
+param.profile.css2=C55 l3v3L 2
+param.profile.css21=c55 l3v3l 2.1
+param.profile.css3=c55 L3V3L 3
+param.profile.svgbasic=5v9 8451C
+param.profile.svgtiny=5v9 71Ny
+param.profile.atsc-tv=475C 7V Pr0F1L3
+param.profile.tv=7V pR0F1L3
+param.usermedium=U53R m3D1uM:
+param.usermedium.all=4Ll (4Ll)
+param.usermedium.aural=4uR4l (4Ur4L)
+param.usermedium.braille=8r41lL3 (8R41LL3)
+param.usermedium.embossed=3M80553D (3M80553D)
+param.usermedium.handheld=H4nDh3Ld (H4nDH3LD)
+param.usermedium.presentation=pr353n74710n (Pr353N74710n)
+param.usermedium.print=Pr1n7 (pr1n7)
+param.usermedium.projection=pR0J3c710N (PR0j3C710n)
+param.usermedium.screen=5Cr33N (5cr33N)
+param.usermedium.tty=77y (77Y)
+param.usermedium.tv=7V (7v)
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