[Bug 4586] LWP retrieves empty page


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> ...
> The Markup Validator, quite correctly, simply happens to not make use of the
> (optional) 'Keep-Alive' feature of HTTP, and, it would appear, the two other
> tools cited happen to make use of it. That the server behaves differently for
> the two cases is a bug  incorrect behavior  in the server (IIS 5.0).

Ok, I got it now.

But if the other two tools make use of the (optional) "keep-alive" feature, why
doesn't the Markup Validator do the same? This would solve the problem not only
for me, but for all other sites using IIS 5.

The CSS Validator loads my contents fast, so using that feature wouldn't be
that time-consuming. Would it be too hard to change that in the validator code?

Notice I am comparing three tools from W3C, where two of them make use of the
keep-alive and one doesn't. If this one that doesn't is facing problems, then
it should do it too, or not?!


> The Markup Validator, quite correctly, simply happens to not make use...

Why "quite correctly"? How the use of the keep-alive flag would hurt the

Sorry for my lack of knowledge: I've never developed a validator in my life.
I'm just a Delphi programmer trying to self-host a server (tired of remoted
ones). \\:^)

And thank you very much for your patience. I'm taking the oportunity to learn a
bit more about servers, headers, and related subjects.

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