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[Bug 3313] Validator does not accept comments between tokens

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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 08:29:48 +0000
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------- Comment #3 from cecil@cecilward.com  2006-08-23 08:29 -------
(In reply to comment #1)

Once again, I correct myself. I re-read the lexer specification from CSS2.1
april 2006 and I notice the rule that includes a preceding {s}+ as part of a
comment specification. So the authors are ahead of me. The rule immediately
above - a comment token alone - suggests that comments are not equal to
whitespace. (Which means I had been very wrong earlier.) Rather
whitespace+comment == whitespace. Yet there is no corresponding rule for to
cater for the case comment+whitespace, rather we have
comment+whitespace->whitespace whitespace. This suggests that an additional
rule (or possibly two rules) would fix the problem and there are various

I should not have said that the distribution of comments is not well described,
as with a few fixes of this kind comments would really disappear from the
grammar and it would almost be well described. We would also have to watch out
for the special case of css2.1 @charset (ought that to go into the lexer?) as
making comments disappear completely surely permits various illegal @charset
forms which contain comments (since we can't attempt to put the entire @charset
and its argument into the lexer as a single token surely). If that can be
fixed, then I think we have won.
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